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Ravi de Soysa

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
(B.App.Sc. Physio, Grad. Dip. Manip Physio)

Ravi has worked as a physiotherapist in the Lilydale area for over 20 years. Initially developing a practice at the Lilydale Squash and Fitness Centre, he was invited to relocate the practice to the purpose built Lilydale Medical Centre in 2005. Ravi brings a wealth of experience in treating musculoskeletal conditions. He has additional training in the treatment of spinal conditions particularly neck, shoulder and lower back pain and neck/posture related headaches. Ravi has a strong emphasis on manual therapy techniques in his practice, believing a hands on approach achieves excellent results. He has worked previously at the Sydney Olympics and Melbourne Commonwealth Games. When he is not at the clinic, you will most likely find him on the golf course or watching the Hawks. 


Evan Tamanas

Physiotherapist (BPhysio, LaTrobe)

Evan has built an enviable reputation in the Yarra Valley as a very high quality physiotherapist. Over the past 8 years, he has kept developing his knowledge and practice skills. He has  developed a special interest in sports injuries and post-operative rehabilitation and in the process has built a strong skill set in manual therapy and exercise prescription. He enjoys working with a wide variety of conditions and types of patients with a special interest in shoulders, knees, necks and backs.  When he is not at the clinic he is most likely enjoying his new daughter, playing soccer, working out at the gym, analysing his Supercoach team or travelling the Mediterranean. He does support two underperforming teams in Collingwood and Arsenal, but always performs at great levels as a Physiotherapist.


Jade Cornwall

Physiotherapist (BPhysio, LaTrobe)

Jade joined our team at Active Sports in 2013, having grown up in the Yarra Valley and being committed to making a difference to the area. A highly trained Physiotherapist with a special interest in lower back, neck and shoulder pain, Jade incorporates her Pilates training into her management of these injuries. She runs Hydrotherapy and Pilates classes each week, working closely with patients recovering from a wide range of injuries. She also works in the area of women's health. Jade has a wonderful disposition which makes her extremely popular with patients and respected by everyone. Jade is an extremely active person running and hiking while training to tackle Mt Everest Base Camp in April 2018.  She is also a handiperson and enjoys renovating her house. 


Kenneth Cheung

Physiotherapist (BPhysio, UniMelb)

Ken joined our team at Active Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy in 2014 and made an immediate impression on his patients, bringing with him exceptional manual therapy skills, and a strong grounding in exercise rehabilitation and pilates. Ken has a special interest in managing chronic pain syndromes while excelling in treating all musculoskeletal injuries. He easily develops rapport with patients with his gentle manner and is excellent at explaining injuries and their management to them. He has travelled quite extensively, and can speak Mandarin and Cantonese. Ken loves to play sport and can get quite competitive. He is a valued member of the Active Sports team.


Nav Taggar

Physiotherapist (BPhys, UniMelb)
B.Sc, B.BioMed. APAM

Nav graduated with a Doctor of Physiotherapy from the University of Melbourne after previously completing a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Monash. Her extensive training in conjunction with a thirst for learning has seen her become a very accomplished Physiotherapist over the past 3 years practising best evidence practice. She has shown a great aptitude in combining her extensive knowledge with excellent manual skills. Nav has a tremendous ability to develop rapport with her patients and explain their problems and management to them with great clarity. She has also developed a keen interest in managing chronic pain particularly with neck and back problems. Nav has a background in dance and ballet and when not at the clinic can be found climbing the 1000 steps, walking her dog or socialising with family and friends. 


Massage Therapy

Rhiannon Dingley

Myotherapist/Remedial masseur

Rhiannon joins us in April 2018 with advanced training in myotherapy and remedial massage, a wonderful combination to both treat injuries and relieve muscular aches and pains. She is on the current massage team with Collingwood FC in the AFLW and is keen to create a legacy in the Yarra Valley. We look forward to her becoming a valued member of Active Sports.




Reception Staff

Our lovely administration team keep the cogs turning at Active Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy. They are always happy to assist with your queries and are all very friendly and approachable. Make sure you ask them any questions you have about the clinic, our practitioners, billing and other services we offer.

  • Alyse Ismail - Practice Manager

  • Bianca Fraser - Administration

  • Michelle Hawkins - Administration

  • Maddison McQueen - Administration



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