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Exercise and fitness

Exercise and fitness are crucial elements of a healthy and active lifestyle. You don't need to be a gym junkie or a marathon runner - all you need is some motivation, creativity and common sense.

Articles in this section cover general exercise and fitness topics, as well as some specific areas. Check back frequently as new articles are added regularly.

In this section

Stretching to improve flexibility

Stretching is a proven way to improve flexibility or range-of-motion; the amount of movement available in a joint. Read more →

Proper form in weight training

Improper form in weight training can lead to sprains, strains, fractures and other types of injury that can side-line you for some time to come. Read more →

Over-training injuries

Over-training injuries are those sustained as a result of training too hard and too long, so that muscles are not given sufficient time to recover. Read more →

Exercising through injury, the right way

Instead of lying on the couch, speak to your physiotherapist about other forms of exercise you can do that will not aggravate your injury and at the same time help you stay fit. Read more →

Sports and physiotherapy - like horse and carriage

Where there are sports there will always be physiotherapy. The reason being that athletes are always being injured, and when this happens they need physiotherapy. Read more →

Exercise with Arthritis

Exercises for arthritis centre around gentle stretching movements, such as are done in Yoga, tai chi and Pilates. Read more →

Strength training mistakes

Many people join a gym or buy expensive exercise equipment and begin strength training without knowing how to properly lift weights. Read more →

Preventing sport related injuries

Sports injuries can sideline an athlete for a long time, or even permanently - something no athlete likes to think of. Read more →

The aging athlete

Some athletes are able to remain competitive well into their 50s, however for them, the risk of injury is always imminent. Read more →

Fitness for children

Childhood obesity carries with it the risk of diabetes, asthma, sleep problems, lack of energy and frequent injuries, all of which can result in poor school performance. Read more →

Fitness for seniors

Being senior does not mean you have to put up with an inferior quality of life. With professional help and discipline you can reverse some of the symptoms you are experiencing. Read more →

Core strength development for performance

Strong core muscles can certainly improve one's appearance in addition to enhancing your performance on the sports field and in the workplace. Read more →


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