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Getting well

One of the key goals of physiotherapy is to help you get well after injury or illness and return to a former level of comfort and function.

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Keep excess weight off to improve back and knee rehabilitation

Often overlooked is the positive impact weight loss can have on physical rehabilitation and recovery. Read more →

Weight related back problems

Common sense and scientific studies tell us that overweight and obese people have the greatest risk of back problems and the worst recovery rate. Read more →

Knee Problems

A popular rule of thumb is that every kilo of weight loss is equivalent to four less kilos of pressure on a knee afflicted with joint osteoarthritis. Read more →

Ask questions for better results

After setting up an appointment, what should you ask a physiotherapist upon first contact? Read more →

To rest or rehabilitate

Pain, loss of energy, restricted movements will all want to stay between the covers, however whether you rest or rehabilitate will depend on a lot of factors. Read more →

Frozen shoulder home program tips

Frozen shoulder is a painful condition that can take months or even years to resolve. Therefore, after you are discharged from physiotherapy, you will be given a home exercise program to follow. Read more →

Management of non-specific back pain

Nonspecific back pain refers to pain in the back due to an unknown cause. This type of pain may be persistent and disabling and may or may not respond readily to over the counter drugs. Read more →

Exercising after knee replacement

Following a knee replacement, many people experience pain, discomfort as well as decreased range of motion. All of this makes the task of exercising very daunting. Read more →

Pain management

Pain can be managed effectively in a number of ways, but since chemical treatments are the most popular form of pain management, we often turn to those first. Read more →

Return to exercise after having a baby

For the average woman, losing the fifteen or so kilos gained during pregnancy is strongly on her mind after giving birth. Read more →

RICE: Immediate action following an injury

The first and best thing to do when an injury occurs is to apply the RICE formula; a treatment for reducing pain and swelling. Read more →

Physiotherapy for children

Paediatrics is one of the more challenging but rewarding domains of physiotherapy. Therapists who work with children have the unique advantage of rehabilitating little bodies while having fun doing it. Read more →


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